TopoutShoes Rewards Points Program

What is TopoutShoes’s Membership Rewards Points Program?

In order to bring our customers more benefits, TopoutShoes have launched the reward points program, A unique way to thank you for choosing us for your purchases!  TopoutShoes's reward points can be used as money at Everyone with TopoutShoes account would have reward points program, and exchange for money when you are checkout. You can login in your account and see your Reward points balance information.

Attn: Use the reward points do not influence member rating discount, you can get member rating discount and reward points discount at the same time.

Current points exchange rates:
Each $1.00 spent will earn 1 Reward Points in
Each 50 Reward Points can be redeemed for $1.00 in

How to Earn Points?
For everyone, if you have registered Topoutshoes’s account, you will easily to earn points with the following approach: 

1: Registered TopoutShoes’s account gets 200 points.
2: Newsletter signup gets 100 points.
3: Reviewing product gets 20 points per one. Reviewing product points per day limit is 100 points.
4: Customer’s birthday can get 200 points.
5: Refer a Friend get 50 points.

When does the rewards points expire?
The Reward points expire after 365 days

How to use the reward points?

When you place the order, you need to login in your account. At the Topoutshoes checkout page, you can use the rewards points. Enter your reward points.